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If regular communication methods – such as internet, telephones or cell phones, fail, due to an emergency, including natural disaster, how will Cordovans reach the outside world to ask for assistance or share timely information?Members of the Cordova Amateur Radio Club (CARC) – all licensed ham radio operators, are trained to help in such situations. While amateur radio is...

Local News

Coast Guard, good Samaritans aid vessel in distress

Crew aboard the fishing vessel Kodiak Sockeye got an assist from the U.S. Coast Guard in Cordova and good Samaritans on June 23 after...

Senate committee hears testimony on microgrid technology

Testimony at a U.S. Senate field hearing on energy held in Cordova on June 10 had one clear message: to be successful in renewable...

Outgoing cutter commander thanks Cordova

“For some it’s hard, for others easy, remember, its atop that rolling swell you see what has been unseen; a far-off boat to board,...

Chugachmiut holds ninth annual heritage retreat

New heritage kits on traditional Chugachmiut foods, recipes, transportation, weather forecasting and celebrations were in the spotlight May 29 through June 2 during the...

Home heating oil tank spills into Eyak Lake

A leak in a home heating oil tank spilled about five gallons of oil into Eyak Lake, and a larger amount on shore, the...


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Summer reading program

June 28 at 10:30 am - 11:30 am
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Cordova 4H Music Camp

July 17 at 12:00 am

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One of the earliest floating canneries in Prince William Sound was brought in for the...

Ham radio isn’t just a hobby anymore

If regular communication methods – such as internet, telephones or cell phones, fail, due to...

Taste of Cordova is around the corner

Copper River salmon tartare cucumber rolls; Bourbon Vanilla Custard in Candy-Cap Mushroom Cups; and Salmon...

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