Young fisherman takes her seat at the table

Filing a vacancy following the August 26 resignation of EJ Cheshire citing personal reasons, City Council voted last week to appoint Hayley Hoover to the seat. Hoover will be sworn in next week and will serve until the spring elections. "I am going to make the most of my short term," said Hoover. "This is a unique opportunity to learn from people who are experienced and to give back to the community that I love.
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Letter: Summer war games in the Gulf of Alaska?

The Navy is planning summer training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska for up to 42 days annually from April to October for a five-year period. [...]

ARREST - Cordova police make arrest in burglary case. Stolen guns and property recovered.

The Cordova Police Department and Alaska State Troopers have arrested a suspect in the recent burglary of the Whiskey Ridge Trading Post. Amed Amor [...]


"Proactive" was the buzzword earlier this week when The Cordova Times sat down with police chief Mike Hicks. Hicks stepped into the chief\'s [...]

Letter: Navy War Games in Alaska Would Impact Thousands of Marine Mammals

For the past few years, the U.S. Navy has been developing plans to expand its warfare training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska, which they admit will [...]


"A lot to digest" was the consensus earlier this week at a meeting of the Cordova Fisheries Advisory Committee. Created to advise City [...]

TUG FAMILY - How the Craig family came to own the tugboat Oswell Foss, a piece of maritime history with a work life as winding as theirs

It requires some attention for Andy Craig to start up his tugboat, the Oswell Foss, or just "Oz," and leave the harbor. He\'s been running [...]


ACCESS TO THE POLLS - Online voting is an option

Registered voters in Alaska who are unable to exercise their right to vote in person on Nov. 4 have the option of voting by absentee ballot or [...]

BEYOND THE PLATE - New category added to Alaska's Seafood Symphony

Consumer-ready products made with parts of seafood typically deemed fish waste, or a by-product of primary processing will compete in the 22nd annual [...]

Perils of high seas captured in Atcheson's book

Veterans of Alaska's commercial fishing industry will shudder and remember, while those who have never experienced the perils of harvesting on the [...]

FISHERIES DEBATE - Mining issues tackled by Senate candidates

U.S. Sen. Mark Begich, D-Alaska, is clear on his stand on the Pebble mine issue, that it is the wrong mine in the wrong place, while his Republican [...]

CRAB QUOTAS - Tanner, red king crab quotas get big boost

State fisheries biologists have set the total allowable catch for tanner crab at 8,480,000 pounds in the eastern sector and 6,625,000 pounds in the [...]

WATER POWER - Susitna hydropower study draws criticism

Federal fisheries officials have identified numerous flaws in data collection and analysis included in the initial study report prepared by the Alaska [...]


Statewide Stories

In Nunavut, fears social media meat sales could further caribou declines

In Nunavut, fears social media meat sales could further caribou declines Some Nunavut leaders are pushing for a ban on selling caribou meat on [...]

Ski Texas!

Ski Texas! Serious year-round skiing is on the way to the second-biggest state in the nation -- sans any requirement for grunting your way far back [...]

Kikkan Randall opens up about Olympic disappointment

Kikkan Randall opens up about Olympic disappointment A back injury, and the changes it caused to her workouts, played a role in Anchorage nordic [...]

Troopers: Wasilla man arrested on multiple sex assault charges

Troopers: Wasilla man arrested on multiple sex assault charges Alaska State Troopers say they’ve made two arrests after locating a man wanted on [...]

Citizen tip leads to arrest in Anchorage

Citizen tip leads to arrest in Anchorage Anchorage police say William Virgil Gulliford was arrested Thursday after someone recognized him in the [...]