Soaring in the spirit of sobriety

The 21st Annual NVE Sobriety Celebration takes place this weekend. "Sobriety" is a time of coming together for the entire community that combines a serious mes­ sage regarding of the power of sobriety, with a festive and upbeat atmosphere of traditional dancers , speakers , food and crafts, Through the celebration, NVE invites us to celebrate tradi­ tional Native culture and support those individuals seeking or celebrating sobriety.
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Sportsmen gather to help protect wetlands habitat

Alaska's unspoiled wetlands provide habitat that nurtures 15-20 percent of the entire U.S. waterfowl population in one of the most important breeding [...]

Election 2014 - Votes are in!

Preliminary election results are in for Cordova. Election volunteers said voting was heavy with, at times, a line of voters waiting for a booth. [...]

CRIME SOLVERS - Cordova's Starsky and Hutch

Remember the popular 1970\'s crime action comedy TV series Starsky and Hutch, featuring David Soul and Paul Michael Glaser as renegade cops roaring [...]

City wrestles with 2014 budget shortfall

The Alaska Department of Revenue has recently advised Cordova that the City's Fish Tax receipts for the 2013 season will be approximately $1.662 [...]

Letter: Summer war games in the Gulf of Alaska?

The Navy is planning summer training exercises in the Gulf of Alaska for up to 42 days annually from April to October for a five-year period. [...]

Young fisherman takes her seat at the table

Filing a vacancy following the August 26 resignation of EJ Cheshire citing personal reasons, City Council voted last week to appoint Hayley Hoover to [...]


SEASON OVER - Red king crab fishery ends; tanner begins

Harvesters in the Eastern Bering Sea have all but wrapped up the red king crab fishery, with 100 percent of the 8,987,400-pound quota expected to be [...]

UniSea's Terry Shaff dies at 67

Terry Shaff, who served as president of Unisea Inc. since 1998, passed away Nov. 15 at Dutch Harbor after a brief battle with cancer. Shaff, who was [...]

SALMON SURGE - Strong runs forecasts for Bristol Bay, Southeast Alaska

State fisheries biologists are forecasting a run over nearly 54 million sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay in 2015, with a harvest of over 40 million fish, [...]

DISMISSED - 9th Circuit rejects Shell lawsuit against NGOs

A Royal Dutch Shell's lawsuit seeking preemptive declarations that permits granted by federal agencies, who were not parties to the cases, were valid [...]

Dunbar Concedes, Congratulates Young

Forrest Dunbar is conceding the 2014 election to Don Young, after the Representative prevailed with 51.69% of the vote. With 100% of precincts [...]

HARVESTERS - Seafood job numbers on the rise

Seafood harvesting employment in Alaska is on the rise. A new report in the November edition of state Labor Department publication Alaska Economic [...]


Statewide Stories

Lisa Murkowski and the volcano

Lisa Murkowski and the volcano Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told an NPR reporter that a volcano in Iceland is releasing "a thousand years' worth" of [...]

Canada launches suicide prevention effort aimed at circumpolar youth

Canada launches suicide prevention effort aimed at circumpolar youth A Canadian-led effort will seek to find the best solutions to the problem of [...]

Late Senate polls raise more questions

Late Senate polls raise more questions A handful of polls in the Alaska race for U.S. Senate out late last week and early this week showed numbers [...]

Microbes newly-discovered in Arctic permafrost could play key role in climate change

Microbes newly-discovered in Arctic permafrost could play key role in climate change A recently discovered microbe from thawing Arctic permafrost [...]

Study links Arctic gene to survival, modern illnesses

Study links Arctic gene to survival, modern illnesses A genetic adaptation that researchers believe helped circumpolar Inuit populations live on a [...]