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Cordova, AK
Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Processors in Prince William Sound received nearly 18 million salmon through July 19, as the statewide commercial harvest soared upwards of 77 million fish.In Bristol Bay, where the catch exceeded 36.6 million salmon, the base price announced by Trident Seafoods was $1 a pound, plus up to an addition 25 cent for proper chilling and bleeding.  Other major processors were following...

Local News

Third annual Eyak Lake Cleanup Day a success

Volunteers from the Forest Service, Student Conservation Association and community partnered with the Copper River Watershed Project recently for the third annual Eyak Lake cleanup day.The...

Upgrades continue on water infrastructure

As part of the Post LT2 work, upgrades are continuing this summer on the city’s water infrastructure.City public works officials said on July 11...

Alaska Marine Highway Service Reform Project Phase 2

Dennis Watson wasn’t about to sugarcoat the dire financial status of the Alaska Marine Highway System.“The Legislature has painted a target on it,” the chairman of...

Injured vessel captain air lifted to Cordova

A vessel captain injured after falling into the fish hold of the F/V Coventina was medevaced to emergency medical services in Cordova on June...


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Seniors, Books and Coffee 

July 25 at 10:00 am
Tue 25

Knit Lit Book Club

July 25 at 7:00 pm

Cordova Culture

Cordova Chronicles: Boxes: A Big Part of Cordova’s 4th of July

Cordova’s recently completed Fourth of July celebration was a big success.  The Kelp Box races,...

Massachusetts runners tie in King Salmon marathons

Running partners Tim Irving and Avril Silverman, of Waltham, Mass., took top honors and tied in the men’s and...

Copper River Salmon Jam celebrates 15th year

Cordova was hopping July 14-15, as the Copper River Salmon Jam – celebrating Copper River...

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