Grants will improve sidewalks, stormwater drainage

City, CRWP get money for Adams Avenue

Cordova will be getting souped-up sidewalks and snow storage thanks to two recent grant awards.

The City of Cordova received a grant to construct 5-foot sidewalks on both sides of Adams Avenue between First and Second Streets, the city said in a press release. The grant award also includes funding to construct ADA-compliant ramps on the corners of Browning and First Street and near Copper Valley Wireless for access to the west side of First Street. The grant funding also includes drainage improvements along the corridor. Final paperwork and an invitation to bid will be completed this fall. Construction will begin next spring.

“These sidewalk improvements will provide a safe corridor for Cordovans of all ages and by providing sidewalk connections to essential services and destinations,” the city said. “Cordovans are encouraged to use healthier alternatives of transportation, such as old-fashioned walking.”

The grant came from the Alaska Transportation Alternatives Program, which supports “shovel-ready” projects that prioritize health, safety, quality of life, connectivity and access to essential services. The city will match 25 percent of the total grant cost.

The Copper River Watershed Project has also received funding to improve the snow storage and stormwater treatment in the city-owned lot immediately adjacent to the Adams Avenue, the press release says. That project will include altering the grade of the snow storage site and adding a sediment basin to collect soil and prevent storm water pollution.

“Controlling stormwater is important in Cordova due to the high annual precipitation of 162 inches,” the city said. “These developments will improve the quality of the stormwater, which improves water quality.”

As part of this project, the Cordova Public Works Department, local utilities and the Copper River Watershed Project will coordinate and work on re-shaping and re-vegetating the hillside to prevent sediment erosion, according to the city.