Edison Chouest to be introduced at PWSRCAC meeting

Officials with the Prince William Sound Regional Citizens’ Advisory Council will hear an update on the Alyeska/Ship Escort Response Service Marine Services Transition during their board meeting in Cordova Sept. 15-16.

The agenda includes a presentation by Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. and Edison Chouest Offshore on the plan to transition marine tanker escort and spill prevention and response services from Browley to Edison Chouest Offshore.

Edison Chouest Offshore representatives are to provide background information on the company’s ability to design and operate vessels.

Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Larry Hartig will address the council on current affairs within DEC.

The board is also expected to approval a report that documents the presence of winter species in Prince William Sound, to help improve oil spill response plans, as well as a report to help improve current monitoring protocol used to collect information about effects of oil spill dispersants.

The board will hear a consultant’s presentation on potential ways to maximize oil recovered after a spill, and hear an update on the repeal of a 40-year ban that led to the recent approval of foreign-flagged vessels to transport Alaska North Slope crude oil out of Prince William Sound.

The board is also scheduled to hear a report on oil spill drills and exercises monitored by the council in 2015.

Also in conjunction with the board meeting, in partnership with the Prince William Sound Science Center and Copper River Watershed Project, the PWSRCAC is sponsoring an afternoon of fun and interactive oil spill prevention and response activities for families on Sept. 16 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at Mt. Eccles Elementary School.

The entire agenda is on the PWSRCAC website at http://bit.ly/Sept2016BoardMeeting, and more information is online at www.pwsrcac.org