Photos of the Week: Feb. 3

Gwethalyn Jacob takes a rest from a long hike up Cordova’s ski hill in May, 2015.
“This photo is of my niece. I’m excited for summertime! Hiking around Ski Hill is one of the best outdoor activities – it’s very challenging and therapeutic,” said Ljezl Tomines, who works in the Trident North processing plant every summer, in Cordova and is the sister of Cordova resident Bjoirn Jacobs.
Photo by Ljezl Tomines/For The Cordova Times
Jan. 29, was a picture perfect day. “I got to enjoy some of my favorite things, fresh air, clear skies and quality time with my husband, and my dog, named Storm. This photo was taken while standing out on the jetty by the Cordova small boat harbor,” Emily Graham said. Photo by Emily Graham/For The Cordova Times