Father Tom Killeen is Cordova Citizen of the Year

By Elizabeth Collins

For The Cordova Times

Editor’s note: This was the nomination letter/speech given at the Variety Show on Feb. 3 by Elizabeth Collins, an administration assistant at Mt. Eccles Elementary School, in her nomination of Father Tom Killeen of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.

Father Tom Killeen, of St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in Cordova, receives the coveted Citizen of the Year Award from Elizabeth Collins, who nominated him, and an Iceworm Festival Committee member.
By Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

Good evening and welcome! This year’s citizen of the year is one of the last people in Cordova who would want recognition for the work they do, yet probably one of the most deserving.

Since the day I met this person I have been lucky enough to build a beautiful relationship with them. Through good times and bad, this person has been an anchor for me. He is, and always has been, a constant source of love in my life, as well as a continuous and devoted supporter. He is the epitome of a kind, caring, and understanding individual. He meets people where they are in their own lives, and does so without judgment. He is compassionate, and intentional about his interactions with people. Regardless of what you believe, or the choices you make in your personal life, this person will be there to listen, to offer advice, and to reassure you of the wonderful things that this life has to offer. Personally, I have yet to witness a situation where he has turned anyone away. His willingness to help people and his commitment to our community far exceeds that of anyone I know. Each day I work hard in that hope that I am able to follow in his footsteps and make a difference in people’s lives.

So, the person who taught me to be awesome instead of good, who made me realize that I don’t have to like everyone, but I have to love them, the person who continually supports me, and this community, the person who makes everyone else feel like they are the rock star…please join me in recognizing this year’s citizen of the year, Father Tom.

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