MCA promotes principles of sustainability

A new interactive website created by the Marine Conservation Alliance offers a comprehensive overview, from its perspective, on federal fisheries management in waters off the coast of Alaska.

The site includes sections on habitat protection, bycatch management, food webs and environmental change. It also covers community protections and protections against overfishing. Interactive tools allow users to view areas closed to fishing in the North Pacific, explaining how each closure applies and why it was developed.

“There is nothing else like this available to illustrate the complexity of North Pacific fisheries regulations, interactions, and their impacts, said Lori Swanson, executive director of MCA. “Ecosystem-based fishery management continues to evolve in this area. Managers are doing a lot of things right.”

The site can be viewed at More information about MCA is at the main website,

MCA is a consortium of stakeholders including harvesters, processors and communities dedicated to promoting sustainable fisheries through science based management.