Letter to the Editor: Where do our senators stand?

By week’s end we will know if either of our Alaskan US Senators are willing to concoct an excuse to throw 100,000 Alaskans under the bus for the opportunity to stay in Senator McConnell’s good graces.

Oddly enough, the same vote will deliver a giant tax break to wealthy families, their families included… And by the way; have you ever wondered why the same industry complaining about the exorbitant costs of insuring their workers also pay lobbyists to lobby against Bernie Sanders’ proposal to lift the burden from their shoulders with better quality, lower deductible coverage through a single payer system? Bernie wants to expand Medicare to cover every American of every age through Medicare.

I’m on Medicare; my annual deductible is $183, my monthly premium is $134, and I’ve had no difficulty finding doctors who accept Medicare. It’s less costly, and vastly superior to the coverage my real estate company once provided for myself and my employees. Yes, taxes would go up just a bit, but the tax increases would be nowhere near the cost savings for the premiums industry would no longer pay…. Could it be that industry views controlled access to medical care through cheap employment as the worthwhile cost of forcing middle class Americans into the cheap labor harnesses that pull the profit strings of their industry?

Ray Metcalfe