Upgrades continue on water infrastructure

The 1.5 million gallon tank on 5th Street gets a new coat of paint. Photo courtesy of the city of Cordova

As part of the Post LT2 work, upgrades are continuing this summer on the city’s water infrastructure.

City public works officials said on July 11 that the 1.5 million gallon tank on 5th Street is now nearing completion. Crews have begun moving to the Morpac tank to begin the refurbishment of that tank near the ferry terminal. The Mews and Ski Hill tanks are also to be painted. Valve work at the Eyak Plant and new hypochlorite generators at three water plants have been completed.

Also on the docket for July is work on Center Drive. Lacking the funds for chip sealing during this fiscal year, the streets division plans to grade and resurface the crumbling chip seal to compact it and make it a more drivable and maintainable surface, officials said.

Brushing and clearing is already in progress on many streets.

Cordova’s water division meanwhile is completing replacement of four fire hydrants around town. The water division also plans to address any leaks that have been identified and repair them as scheduled.

The refuse division is continuing work to manage the waste stream for the community, despite a lack of a working conveyor belt at the Baler facility.  Glass reuse continues with glass collected from recycling bins to be used as an inert surface for covering the construction and demolition cell of the city landfill.