Mayoral Report: Murkowski shows leadership in health care issue

By Clay Koplin, Mayor of Cordova

Clay Koplin, Mayor of Cordova
Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

The divisive national healthcare debate has taken center stage this week, and it would be remiss to ignore the support and leadership of Senator Murkowski in voting to assure that the new health care package is reformed in a way that does not close Alaskan hospital doors (including those of Cordova), in the process of improving the affordability, access, and quality of health care in Alaska and our nation.

Certain provisions of the new package would have had strong negative economic ramifications for the Cordova Community Medical Center, which is rapidly improving both service and sustainability at the hands of talented and committed board, hospital administrator and physicians. Many of the provisions of the new act are, however, critical for managing the staggering cost of health care, which is putting the economic stability of our nation and her businesses and citizens at risk.

I am working on reconfirming the Cordova fisheries advisory board, which has been a little challenging during the peak of the fishing season. The season has been, by current measure, a good one. It has been very frustrating in that it could and should have been a great one. Continued work with regulatory and stakeholder groups to assure the maximum sustained yield and maximum economic benefit are both priorities.

I hosted a meeting with boards and commissions this week and am always energized, ingratiated, and humbled by the hard work and dedication of our community volunteers.

I was struck by the number of grants that arts and pageants, historical preservation, parks and rec, and other boards and commissions are engaged in to continue the improvement of our community.

The update on plans for our marine highway system and improved ferry service to Prince William Sound was educational, as was the school board, fisheries advisory, planning and zoning, and library board updates. Thank you to these community leaders for their dedication and service.

Have a safe, prosperous summer and a productive seine and gillnet season Cordova.


Mayor Clay