Vessel exams in Cordova set for September 18-20

A team of commercial fishing vessel examiners from the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Valdez will be in Cordova Sept. 18-20 to conduct free dockside exams aimed at educating vessel operators and ensuring vessel safety.

All commercial vessels weighing five net tons or more must have a valid certificate of documentation on board. Confirmation emails/photocopied documents do not meet the requirement and will not be accepted. The Coast Guard also is reminding boat owners that vessels with installed toilets are required to have a Coast Guard approved marine sanitation device.  Locking the door to a toilet that discharges directly overboard is not an acceptable arrangement.

These examinations are conducted on a limited basis, so vessel owners should be prepared for their scheduled exam by reviewing applicable requirements and purchasing necessary equipment for their vessel in advance.

Fishermen are encouraged to visit http://www.fishsafewest.infor/ and click the link to the “checklist Generator”. This application accepts input on the fishing vessel, including length, persons aboard, where it operates and more, and generates a list of requirements applicable to that specific fishing vessel.

Mariners wishing to complete their annual exam in Cordova should contact MSU Valdez examiners before Sept. 15 by telephone at 1-907-255-8724.

Information required to schedule an exam includes the preferred date and time, slip number, type of vessel, size, name, color of vessel and owner contact information. Contact Petty Officer Adam Rodd at 1-907-835-7226 for additional information on the Coast Guard commercial fishing vessel safety program in Valdez and Cordova.