Goat hunt RG252 closes east of Unakwik Inlet

Alaska Mountain Goat

Registration permit hunt RG 252 for mountain goats in Game Management Unit 6D closed by emergency order on Oct. 10, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

The hunt area includes areas east of Unkawik Inlet and Meares Glacier, west of the Columbia Glacier, and south of the second branch of Columbia Glacier.

Aerial surveys last year found a minimum count of 399 goats in the RG252 permit area.

ADF&G set the maximum allowable state harvest at 19 goat units, and an additional harvest of one goat unit for federal subsistence hunters, for a total of 20 goat units.

The reported harvest as of Oct. 9 was nine billies and one nanny. Each billy counts as one goat unit, while nannies count as two goat units. Unrecoverable goats count as one and one-half goat units. Hunters were in the field and the closure was deemed necessary to prevent unsustainable harvest, said Charlotte Westing, area wildlife biologist.