The Cordova Times - The Many Tastes of Cordova

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Posted 08/03/2012

by Amy O\'Neill Houck - for the Cordova Times

Have I ever missed the food in Cordova! When we got into town last week, one of our first stops was Baja Taco, of course! Cordova is a town full of great cooks and fun and unusual places to eat. Lots of those cooks and eateries converged for a great tasting weekend at the Copper River Wild! Festival. The festival began Thursday night with the Taste of Cordova cook-off and sold-out salmon dinner. Chef Jeremy Storm of Orca Adventure Lodge served generous portions of grilled Copper River Red salmon. Guests watched experts filet the fish moments before servers rushed it to the kitchen where it was grilled and served with a fresh salad and pilaf. For desert we got to choose between two delicious cakes by Diane Ujoika.

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