The Cordova Times - By Hand - Berry season

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Posted 08/10/2012

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Itís not just Cordova thatís having an unusual summer. When I awoke the first morning of my recent stay at the UAA dorms in Anchorage, I smelled lilacs on the breeze coming through the window. It was mid-July, far past the traditional season for those fragrant blossoms. Not only that, but fireweed and lupins have been blooming side by side everywhere I look around the state the past few weeks. Despite the excess snow this winter and the excess rain weíve all had this summer it appears we do have some berries. Iíve heard from folks recently in Boswell Bay saying the strawberry harvest is happening. Here in Juneau, I was out the road last Wednesday at a camp near Eagle Beach. Blueberries were out in force. Everyone was eating them out of hand (no worms, thank goodness!), and there was a woman harvesting them with what Iíve always considered to be a low-bush cranberry rake. I guess the tool will work for blueberries too.

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