The Cordova Times - USCGC Sycamore's unique mission in Prince William Sound

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Posted 07/14/2014

by Ben Yeager - for the Cordova Times

On June 26, LCDR James L. Jarnac replaced LCDR Michael R. Sarnowski as Commanding Officer of the USCGC Sycamore. Sycamore's responsibilities include ATON (aids to navigation), maintaining the federal floating and fixed navigation aids in the Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska, Maritime Law Enforcement and Maritime Environmental Protection. The vessel is a 225' Juniper class buoy tender launched in 2001. Sycamore was commissioned on July 2, 2002 in Cordova, replacing the Sweetbrier, which had been stationed in Cordova since 1976. Technically a warship as Jarnac is a commissioned officer, Sycamore also has an oil spill response system called SORS (Spilled Oil Recovery System) that deploys booms and skimmers to control spills. Sycamore's buoy deck has two cranes with a 40 and 10-ton capacity. In heavy seas, lifting buoys, some up to 18 tons, can be dangerous work, but Cmdr. Jarnac finds it rewarding. One thing he respects about his crew of 50 is that they're professional mariners doing an important job. An avid surfer and runner, LCDR Jarnac moved to Cordova with his wife, Jo Ann.

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