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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Laine Welch

Laine Welch of Kodiak has been covering news of Alaska’s seafood industry for print and broadcast since 1991. Visit her website at www.alaskafishradio.com.

Fish Factor: Harvest allocation will be down for halibut

As expected, catches of Pacific halibut will decrease for this year, and likely into the foreseeable future.Following an increase in catches last year for...
sea otter

Fish Factor: Growing sea otter population has voracious appetite

Sea otters and their devastating impacts on Southeast Alaska shellfish were among the many emotionally-charged topics at the state Board of Fisheries marathon meeting...
Sockeye salmon swimming

Fish Factor: Markets are emerging for fish parts

State seafood marketers are rebranding fish parts as ‘specialty’ products and mapping a path for millions more dollars in sales.Alaska’s fisheries produce more than...

Fish Factor: 2017 fishing picks and pans

For 27 years this weekly column has featured news for and about Alaska’s commercial fishing industry. It began in 1991 in the Anchorage Daily...
Snug in the harbor: The majority of Cordova’s gillnet fleet have put their boats away for the winter in the Cordova Boat Harbor, wrapping up the 2017 commercial salmon fishing season. Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times

Fish Factor: Apprenticeship program lures younger crew

The clamor of “take me fishing” is taking on new meaning in Alaska.Prospects for a deckhand apprenticeship program just got a big lift from a...

Fish Factor: Kodiak braces for crash of cod stocks

Kodiak officials already are drafting a disaster declaration due to the crash of cod stocks throughout the Gulf of Alaska. The shortage will hurt...
Trident Seafoods’ mobile kitchen, a retrofitted FedEx truck, offers consumers pollock burgers, fish and chips and more. Photo courtesy of Trident Seafoods

Fish Factor: Trident promotes Alaska Pollock via mobile kitchen

Alaska pollock is the nation’s largest food fishery, usually producing more than three billion pounds each year. The flaky whitefish dominates in fish sticks,...

Fish Factor: Challenging year ahead for commercial fleets

It’s going to be a tough year for many Alaska fishermen.Following on the heels of announcements of a massive drop in cod stocks, the...

Fish Factor: Company promotes farmed fish to save wild seafood

Recurring news headlines that have widely circulated about alarming declines of Pacific salmon have spawned a savvy new marketing strategy that tells consumers they...

Skill building is key to Young Fishermen’s Summit

The biggest year classes of Alaska fishermen are phasing out of the business and fewer young cohorts are recruiting in. The Alaska Young Fishermen’s...


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