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Cordova, AK
Friday, October 20, 2017
Giant Kelp

Fish Factor: Kelp could be potential source of biofuel

Editor’s note: The first item in this column is simply a long-term research project looking at the feasibility of producing biofuels in Alaska waters at...
Gulf of Alaska

Fish Factor: GOA cod shows recruitment failure

Fishing outlooks for some of Alaska’s largest catches are running the gamut from celebratory (salmon) to relief (Bering Sea crab) to catastrophic (cod). First the...

Fish Factor: Chum salmon had record catches in 2017

Chum salmon returned home to Alaska this year in numbers never seen before from Southeast to Kotzebue, and set catch records statewide and in...

Fish Factor: October is National Seafood Month

October is National Seafood Month, a distinction bestowed by Congress 30 years ago to recognize one of America’s oldest industries.Alaska merits special recognition because...

Fish Factor: The new blue economy

A growing cluster of entrepreneurs is seeding prospects for Alaska’s new “blue economy” and it is attracting interest from around the world. Marine technology...