46.4 F
Cordova, AK
Thursday, April 27, 2017

Last look at baseball season

Baseball season was in full swing in the month of June. Families from all around town came together to enjoy another year of baseball with the Cordova kids.There were 11 teams total that made up the 2016 little league. Parents volunteered their time to help in the snack shack, keeping score, coaching and more. Baseball fans came out for...

Photo of the Week

The last of the fireweed — is winter around the corner?When fireweed flowers turn to cotton, Alaskans believe winter is forgotten (or just six weeks away). This bee is either unconcerned with winter or hurrying to collect as much pollen as possible before it’s too late. Do you have a great photo of the area you’d like to see...

Down on Main Street

Cordova’s Main Street buildings are colorful and charming. Fall is around the corner as the daylight hours get shorter by 6 minutes a day right now. The sun rises at 6:55 a.m. Friday, Sept. 9 in Cordova and sets at 8:23 p.m.

Eyak Lake View Cordova

Eyak Lake view Cordova is a photographer’s delight, providing eye candy in all directions. This shot was taken from Skater’s Cabin, on the edge of Eyak Lake, last week.

Extra! Extra! Paper kids keep tradition alive

Antonina, better known as Toni Hosick, moved to Cordova from Massachusetts when she was 33. Toni, who turns 98 on Saturday, Aug. 27, is the oldest Cordovan to receive The Cordova Times to her door each week by Cordova’s youngest paper delivery boy Andrew Bellefeuille, who is 7 years old. Andrew is filling in for his 11-year-old sister Andrea...

Ghosts of Iceworm Past festival may be best yet

This year’s Iceworm Festival got off to a busy start, with basketball, dodgeball and volleyball games rocking the courts and continuing through this weekend at Bidarki Recreation Center and Mt. Eccles Elementary School.Some 200 hungry Cordovans turned out for the annual food fair on Jan. 28, looking for respite from cooking at home, and the recent weather extremes here.The...