Alaska joins in amicus brief on state's rights issue

Alaska is one of 20 states now joined in a multi-state amicus brief concerning the proper forum for challenging a state attorney general's [...]

Coast Guard rescues crewmember injured when vessels collide

A U.S. Coast Guard Jayhawk helicopter in the midst of training exercises in the Cordova area diverted on Aug. 16 to rescue a crewmember aboard a [...]

Did the 1964 Earthquake actually help Cordova?

By Dick Shellhorn For The Cordova Times The Great Alaska Earthquake of March 1964 caused damage estimated at $1.7 million to Cordova, but perhaps its [...]

AMHS winter schedule coming soon

A winter 2016/2017 schedule for the Alaska Marine Highway System is expected to be available for booking at the earliest the week of Aug. 22, a [...]

AVTEC will train Coast Guard icebreaker crew

Seven crewmembers of the U.S. Coast Guard Icebreaker Healy will participate in ice navigation training at the Alaska Institute of Technology [...]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife clarifies predator control rules

A U.S. Fish and Wildlife decision clarifying predator control on Alaska\'s national wildlife refuges is drawing criticism from state officials who say [...]

Forum focuses new challenges in Aleutians

A six-day forum focused on the role of communities in preparing for challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing environment is slated for Aug. [...]

Salmon update: Hatchery harvests looking weak

Commercial salmon harvests in Prince William Sound rose to a preliminary season total of 15,134,000 fish through Aug. 9, up from 13,752,000 salmon [...]

Arctic cod is most abundant marine fish in Beaufort, Chukchi seas

An updated marine fish inventory included in a new federal survey of the Arctic food web includes 20 newly confirmed species among the 109 species in [...]

Salmonfest 2016: a musical and educational experience

Three days of nearly steady rain did little to dampen the spirits of some 6,500 fans who descended upon the Kenai Peninsula Fairgrounds at Ninilchik [...]

City renews agreement with tax appraisal company

Cordova City Council members unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the city to enter into an agreement with the Appraisal Company of Alaska [...]

Alaska joins opponents of climate change initiative

Alaska has joined a dozen other states in opposing efforts of several other states to explore initiatives that include investigations into whether [...]

4H Music Camp coming soon

Kids and adults alike can learn to be rock stars at the upcoming Cordova 4H Music Camp. The program has a wealth of musical offerings from bluegrass [...]


Once in awhile, there are people who walk into our lives and add depth to the vibrant lifeblood pulsing through the currents of the community. For [...]

Fish festivities

The weekend of Salmon Festival has so much to offer including the Small Fry event July 16 with fun, crafty and educational activities put on by [...]


As governor, I enjoy shaking a lot of hands. But one handshake in particular stuck with me. At the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport last [...]

From Clay Koplin, Mayor, City of Cordova

I met with Dave Reggiani, extended the Council and community's appreciation for his many years of (continuing) volunteer service to Cordova. Dave [...]

Halt to Susitna River dam praised

A state fiscal crisis that prompted Gov. Bill Walker to shut down a massive hydroelectric project on the Susitna River in Southcentral Alaska is [...]

Court ruling favors Castle Mountain Coalition

A U.S. District Court in Anchorage has vacated a federal agency's decision to allow Usibelli Coal to proceed with coal mining operations at Wishbone [...]

Interior issues new rules for Arctic drilling

Interior Department officials announced final regulations on July 7 for future exploratory drilling in U.S. Arctic waters, prompting words of caution [...]