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Opinion - I am Voting "None of the Above"

A Lighter Side commentary

Opinion - Vote YES on Proposition 1

because the facts show that it could be a good thing for Cordova

Opinion - Cordova Has No Protection if They Sell our Waterfront and Alaska Intrastate Gas Fails

Contracts and deeds are indeed boring stuff. But, the devil is in the details, and the details are important, especially when it comes to Alaska [...]

Opinion - Gas infrastructure, hold on to your wallet

Recently I received a brochure regarding the establishment of a new gas utility in Cordova. Alaska Intrastate Gas (AIGCO) has pitched a proposal to [...]

Opinion - AIGCO

I am surprised by negative reactions to AIGCO. We may have become so reactionary about change that we don't know a good opportunity when we see it. [...]

Land sale controversy heats up

Stakeholders speak as residents prepare to cast ballots in election that may determine company's future

Opinion - Alaska Intrastate Gas: Pretty Pictures Don't Tell the Whole Story

If you canít judge a book by its cover, Cordovans might not want to judge Alaska Intrastate Gas Company by the flyer it mailed out. So, why not [...]

Opinion - Mayor's minute

I have been mayor now for almost two years and on the city council for four years before that. City government has changed a lot during my time [...]

Opinion - Alaska Intrastate Gas: Big Ideas, Little Reality

If you want to know something about Alaska Intrastate Gas Company's (AIGCO) hopes and dreams, read their 2004 business plan that is on online as [...]

Opinion - What you can expect when SNG is delivered to Cordova

Bringing gas to rural Alaska will provide a choice for consumers and competition to the current monopoly

Opinion - Cordova Good, AIGC Bad

Recently 165 Cordovans signed a referendum petition to put Ordinance 1088 on the ballot in March. Cordovans want the opportunity to reject an [...]