City urges citizens to properly dispose of pet waste

New receptacles make disposal easier

It’s now easier and more convenient to help keep Cordova’s trails clean. The Cordova Parks and Recreation Department recently installed new waste receptacles at several locations around town to make it easier to clean up pet poop.

Receptacles are located at Shelter Cove, Breakwater, the Chamber of Commerce, Old Cordova Library, Nirvana Park, the Forest Service, Field of Dreams, Heeney Ridge Trail Head, Skaters Cabin and the Odiak Pond Gazebo.

Waste receptacles specifically for pet poo were initially purchased through a grant program initiated by Native Village of Eyak. However, the first receptacles put in place could only be used with costly bags that had expensive shipping.

Parks and Rec ended up finding a company in Washington that had a more user-friendly design and supplied bags at a much cheaper cost. As part of choosing those bags, which are biodegradable, the company replaced all existing receptacles for free and helped cover the shipping costs.

The city is encouraging dog walkers to take a few of the city-supplied bags with them to pick up their pet’s poop and deposit in the new receptacles.

For more information, please contact Parks and Rec at