UFA reminds harvesters to vote while you fish

Detailed information on voting and all candidates is online at www.elections.alaska.gov

United Fishermen of Alaska, the statewide umbrella group for commercial fishing organizations, is reminding harvesters to take advance of options for absentee and early voting in the Aug. 16 primary election.

Absentee voting may be done in person, by mail, by fax or electronic submission, or through a personal representative if you are disabled.

The deadline for requesting a ballot for absentee voting by mail in Aug. 6.

Using the primary election absentee or early voting ballot, voters registered in Alaska will be casting ballots for competitors for congressional and legislative seats, to determine who will represent the Republican, Democratic, Alaska Libertarian Party and Alaskan Independence Party on general election ballots on Nov. 8.

The Republican primary ballot is restricted to registered Republicans, nonpartisan or undeclared voters. Any registered voters may vote the Democratic, Alaska Libertarian and Alaska Independence Party ballots.

Go online to www.elections.alaska.gov for a list of all candidates registered for the Aug. 16 primary election, as well as sample ballots, dates and location for absentee voting, and absentee voting mail in forms.

For additional help contact the Absentee and Petition Office at akabsentee@alaska.gov, or call toll free 877-375-6508.

Primary election contenders for the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, include Murkowski and fellow Republicans Paul Kendall, and Thomas Lamb, both of Anchorage, and Bob Lochner, of Wasilla; Democrat Ray Metcalfe, of Anchorage, and Libertarian Cean Stevens, of Anchorage.

Vying in the primary election for the House seat held by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, are Young and fellow Republicans Gerald Heikes, of Palmer, and Jesse J. “Messy” Tingley, and Stephen T. Wright, both of Wasilla; Democrats Steve Lindbeck,, and Lynette “Moreno” Hinz, both of Anchorage, and William D. “Bill” Hibler, of Fairbanks; and Libertarians Jim McDermott and Jon B. Watts, both of Fairbanks.

Look online at the above website for complete lists of all candidates in the primary election for the Alaska Legislature and any additional information provided by all candidates for all congressional and legislative seats.