@Your Library: Senior books and coffee

The Cordova Public Library staff is thrilled to have new space in the Cordova Center and is anxious to try out some new programs for the community this coming fall, winter and spring seasons.  Coming soon to YOUR library a special once a month event just for the seniors in our community.

The ‘First Wednesday’ of each month will be time for “SENIOR BOOKS & COFFEE.’  If you are of that special age, please wander into the library around 10 a.m. and the library staff will be offering bold coffee, bold conversation and sweet treats to get you started on some computer brain games, computer tech help and more. You can check out the good, bad and ugly of your favorite books, magazines or movies.

Library staff can provide you with tours around the new space and show you how the card catalogs work, where the great Alaskan Section is, where the bestsellers reside and you can even curl up with one of our many magazine choices.

The Cordova Public Library is open:
 Tuesday – Thursday 10:00-8:00
Friday 10:00-6:00
Saturday and Sunday Noon – 5:00