Letters to the Editor: Nov. 4

Re-elect Stutes

I have been an active fisherman In Kodiak from an early age. It has always been the competition, the comraderie, and the dangerous nature of fishing that has united us. It is important that we work with one another on conservation, management, safety and other issues that directly impact us and our community. It is this bond of shared responsibilities that allows us as fishermen to have the strength and moral conviction to bargain collectively in times of low fish prices.

It is an honorable practice to tie-up and strike to negotiate fair prices for the fish we catch. Understandably, someone who fishes during a strike is a self-serving unsavory Individual known in the industry as a “scab”. The motivation of such an individual is unadulterated greed.

By continuing to fish during a strike, Duncan Fields weakened our position in gaining a better price. His reasoning for continuing to fish, “I’m an independent contractor and I don’t need to stand by the rest of the fleet.”

Well, Duncan, as a fisherman who sells a portion of my catch as a direct marketer, I too am an “Independent Contractor”. In fact, all commercial fishermen are independent contractors, but this did not stop us from standing down. Duncan, how can we trust you to stand by us in Juneau when you couldn’t stand with us in your own home town?

Do we as a fishing community want someone to represent us who at heart is only trying to represent himself? I hope not! Please vote to re-elect Louise Stutes for her continued support of our fisheries, and our fisherman.

— Howard Peterson

F/V Raven, Kodiak 


Vote Young

Dear Editor:

My family and I support U.S. Representative Don Young and we continue to encourage and thank him for the many years he has served us Alaskans in Washington, D.C. as congressman for all Alaskans. Don Young has proven that he can work effectively with all parties, for all Alaskans and for all groups. Don Young is approachable, has an open door policy and welcomes constituents with or without appointments wherever he is in state and in Washington, D.C., as his schedule permits.

I care about being represented by a someone with experience who has done so much for us Alaskans. I have seen Representative Don Young greet and welcome people with open arms and a warm smile, no matter what the question, issue or problem at hand.

Congressman Don Young is not afraid to stand up for us Alaskans in Washington, D.C. He represents and has represented us Alaskans effectively and continuously. Don Young is the leader we Alaskans need to represent us in the House of Representatives in our capitol! On November 8th, please join me in voting for Don Young, U.S. Representative.

— Yolanda Clary



Vote for Watkins

November 8th you will have three choices to be your House 32 State Representative for the next couple years. Two Republicans , the incumbent and another in sheep’s clothing, and a Berniecrat by the name of Brent Watkins.

This is an easy decision. Keep another GOPer in the wolf pack that has ruined this state financially or finally put the recently purged and rejuvenated minority party in charge to fix this mess. Obviously it is the latter.

Lucky we are to have Mr. Watkins stepping up again. This man who put his neck out against this town’s worst injustice in years and prevented this incident of police brutality from being swept under the rug here in Kodiak. It’s that level of guts and integrity we need in Juneau. Someone who talks to you, not at you. Someone who treats crew with the same respect as the skipper. A man who leads not by mere words but by example yet humble enough to fly under the radar getting little to no credit for his accomplishments for veterans in our community. Brent Watkins is one of the best of us and is without doubt one of us.

He doesn’t have the massive money of the Trump party or his own personal fortune to plaster his name all over the region but that’s fine. Brent just needs your vote. If you value transparency, if you value ALL fisheries being represented, if you value looking out for the little guy well then fill in that oval next to Brent Watkins in that booth on Tuesday.

— Nicholas Sandin



Endorsing Stutes

I am Paul Seaton, District 31 State House Representative for the lower Kenai Peninsula.

I have served in the Legislature for 14 years. Although I no longer represent the south side of Kachemak Bay, I want to let my former constituents know that I have enjoyed working with your new Representative, Louise Stutes, in Juneau.

I appreciated her active leadership of the Fisheries Committee. I observed her being very responsive to community needs and she encouraged hearing directly from constituents of her far-flung district.

I also really appreciate her direct manner and cosponsoring the fiscal plan that I put forward. She was a strong supporter of reducing the unnecessary oil tax credits which we both know needs further reduction to save your state’s savings account. We both agree we need to adopt a plan this next year to minimize the effects of massive budget reductions on rural Alaska.

I look forward to serving with her again as we organize to address solving the budget crisis facing all Alaskans.


— Paul Seaton


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