Obituary: Kristina Clark

September 13, 1991-January 16, 2017

On Sept. 13, 1991 we were blessed with Kristina Maria Clark. She had such a strong loving spirit about her from the beginning. She started walking at 7 months old. When she believed in something she was determined. She was a protector of all her loved ones and was always sticking up for those around her. At a very young age she had such a strong faith. She led 3 people to Christ at 7 and 8 years of age. She loved all animals, especially cats. At 7 years old she saved a litter of kittens that was found under a building. Ninja was her baby. When he was in critical condition, Kristina drove to Valdez from Copper Center to the Veterinarian. Thompson Pass was blocked due to an avalanche. She risked her safety and freedom for Ninja’s life.

At 10 years old she became aware of the harmful effects of sugar in soda. She was influenced by Mercedes Starr Knighten, who was the Diabetes Coordinator at that time. She then started the ‘Stop the Pop Campaign’ in 2002 by making posters to advocate for more healthy beverages in schools for all the kids.

That led to interviews to be featured in magazines, newsletters, and the book Fast Food Nation – Chew on this. She was very dynamic in anything her heart was interested in. She was proud of who she was, being Athabascan and from the Blackfoot Tribe. At 6 and 8 years old she won 2nd place in the World Eskimo Indian Olympics. At 11 years old she got 1st place in the Indian Dress Competition. She was crowned Miss Ahtna of 2014 and was 2nd runner up for Miss WEIO. Adeline Potts and her daughter Jody Potts were a huge supporter in all her regalia. Being an advocate for the Lord she was in a group called Sisters Forever who would travel and perform at events including Native Village of Eyak’s Annual Sobriety Celebration. Before she graduated at Valdez High School she maintained 3 jobs. Out of those 3 jobs, her favorite was Napa, automotive parts and repair just came natural to her. She also enjoyed painting and drywall with her “dad” Troy and brother John Zackeri. Kristina was greatly loved by her family and friends. She had many nicknames, “Bunny”, “Teenie”, “little squeak” and “Tiny Tina” and her Auntie Carlene always called her …

her little “tortellini”, and her uncle Eric called her “Bunny One”. Kristina will be missed beyond measure! A visitation was held on Jan. 20, at Kluti-Kaah Memorial Hall in Copper Center and funeral services on Jan. 21, also at the Kluti-Kaah Memorial Hall.