Letter to the Editor: Stop child marriages in Alaska

I’ve just seen on One American News that the state of Alaska allows children girls at the young age of only 14 to be able to get married.  This is outrageous.  Sec.25.05.171 needs to be corrected so that the state does not have child marriages.  It needs to be corrected to the age of 18.  If a girl is too young to vote, then that girl is too young to marry.  It is time for the state to get with the year of 2017.  PBS radio just had a program showing that child marriages is a human right abuse.  A child of 14 years of age does not have the wherewithal to make such a life changing decision.  If one is under the age of 18, then that person is still a child.  The program shows that many of them are abused when they marry at that age.  Some are taken advantage of, tricked into marriage and coerced.  Some people bargain off their daughter.  Rarely is this a marriage of true love and companionship, but a type of business deal that does no good for the young girl.  This outrageous law needs to be change.

John Suter