Wild pink salmon harvest coming in as forecast

A Prince William Sound wild pink salmon forecast in a harvest range of 12,764,000 to 26,530,000, with a best estimate of 19,647,000 fish appears to be coming in as forecast, according to Cordova staff of Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Still, overall for Prince William Sound, the preliminary harvest total for humpies, including hatchery stocks, totals only 41,149,149 pinks, state data shows.

The total commercial salmon harvest for Prince William Sound of 48,054,000 fish also includes 5,404 chum, 1.4 million sockeyes, 74,000 silver and 13,000 kings.

Statewide the harvest through Aug. 22 included upwards of 185 million fish, including 109,381,000 pink, 52,534,000 sockeye, 20,995 chum, 3,038,000 silver, and 243,000 Chinooks.

Just within Prince William Sound, the largest harvest of 39.5 million salmon was for the PWS general seine fishery, while the PWS hatchery had 3.9 million fish, and the Coghill district had 2.9 million fish.

Bristol Bay’s total harvest stood at more than 39 million salmon, including 37.7 million sockeyes.


In Southeast Alaska, the catch stood at 37.7 million salmon, including 27 million pink, more than 8 million chum, 1.8 million silver, 565,000 red and 164,000 Chinook salmon.

In the westward region processors have received nearly 54 million fish, including 39 million humpies, 9.8 million sockeye, 4.2 million chum, 593,000 coho, and 19,000 Chinook salmon.

The catch to date includes 20,297,000 fish delivered in Kodiak, 27 million harvested in the Alaska Peninsula, and 6.6 million in Chignik.

Yukon River small boat commercial harvesters have brought in 980,000 salmon, including 775,000 keta salmon and 41,000 humpies on the Lower Yukon, and 164,000 chum on the Upper Yukon.

Kotzebue area fishermen have delivered 431,000 chum, and about 1,000 pink salon to processors, while Norton Sound fishermen have delivered 314,000 fish, including 158,000 chum, 134,000 silver, 20,000 pink and 2,000 red salmon.  Cook Inlet fisheries brought in a total of 4.4 million fish