Search and rescue training

Photo courtesy of the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department

Thirteen members of the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department completed a 48-hour Search and Rescue Technician II class Nov. 12. From left, they are Debra Ethier, Tania Harrison, Mike Hicks, Jayleene Garrett, Mark Meredith, Sue Farzan, Kara Johnson, Micah Renfeldt, Mark Heidbrink, Dana Smyke and Carolyn Roesbery. Stephen Phillips and Toni Bocci not pictured, also completed the course. Jeremy Lilly of the Alaska Mountain Rescue Group, taught the course, which included training in wilderness ground search procedures, survival techniques, tracking and course plotting procedures to name a few.

“Training was partially funded by a grant written by City Emergency Project Coordinator Joanie Behrends, and funds raised by the volunteers. “This is just a small part of the over 40,000 hours training, fire and EMS responses our volunteers provide to our community each year,” said Cordova Volunteer Fire Department Chief Mike Hicks.