Solid waste program earns high score for management

Improved management of the Cordova Mile 17 Landfill and Whitshed Building have earned the city’s Class II municipal solid waste landfill a score of 404 out of 415 possible points for an overall score of 97.3 percent from the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

In the wake of the DEC inspection in August, solid waste program inspector Sandra Woods commended landfill operations supervisor Aaron Muma for his work on both the landfill and the Whitshed Building.

“Aaron and his staff have worked hard to improve the management of the landfill and this year’s improved score reflect their efforts,” Woods said.

“Aaron’s recent MOLO (Management of Landfill Operations) certification is evident in the improved operations at Mile 17. He has made it a point to keep me apprised on the status of the baler and the disposal of loose solid waste at the landfill on a regular basis.”

The Cordova City Council recently moved against authorize funds to repair or replace the conveyor, which then required the Refuse Division to place non-baled trash into the landfill. This mandated an operations plan change, which has been now been updated and submitted.

The DEC report said that the Mile 17 facility and Whitshed Building are well maintained, clean and organized, and that required paperwork is in order and accessible. Monitoring reports are currently being waived due to the hydrology study being conducted to determine groundwater flow direction and levels and well suitability. Once this study is complete, groundwater monitoring will resume.

One area in which the Refuse Division is working to continue to improve is wild and domestic animal control. The Division has been working with Charlotte Westing of the state Department of Fish and Game to resolve this problem.