Obituary: Delia E. Triber

October 4, 1918 – November 16, 2017

Delia Triber was the owner of the Pioneer Café in Cordova, Alaska for many years and was most famous for her sourdough hotcakes. When Delia retired and sold the café to Marion Wiese, Marion continued the sourdough hotcake tradition. Today, the OK Restaurant operates where the Pioneer Café used to be at 616 1st Street in Cordova.

Delia’s husband Casey was a well-known fisherman in Cordova and the owner of the M/V Toby T. Like Delia, her children all attended school in Cordova where Tobi (Triber) Theodore and Roy Triber graduated.

Delia comes from a lineage of longevity, as her father Neil Finnesand, who resided in Chitina, Alaska lived to be just three months shy of 105 years old. After Delia’s memorial, family and friends gathered at the Theodore’s home in Edmonds, Wash. where they shared memories over a king crab feast provided by one of Delia’s nephews, Sean Dunlop, a Kodiak crab fisherman who appears on the television series Deadliest Catch. A good time was had by all in her honor.

Delia is preceded in death by her father Neil Finnesand, mother Mary Bell, husband Casey Triber and son Earl Triber. She is survived by siblings Martin Finnesand, Evelyn Dunlop and Sally Gosnell; children Roy Triber, Tobi Theodore and Rose Hamilton; grandchildren Kelly Proper, Chris, Thea and Sidas Theodore, and Bobbie, Warren, Earl and Tracy Hamilton; great-grandchildren Casey, Zack, Cody, Natalie, Annabell, Elijah, Marybell, David, Josh and Katy. A memorial will be held in Cordova this coming summer where Delia will have her ashes put to rest with those of her son Earl Triber.


In an earlier version of this Jan. 5 obituary for Delia Triber, the location of the Pioneer Café was incorrectly mentioned. The correct location of the Pioneer Café was where the OK Restaurant is currently located, at 616 1st Street in Cordova.

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