Flashback: Cordovans Comment

March 3, 1988

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What do you think is the most important issue facing Cordova in the next five years?

On a worldwide level, overpopulation and nuclear proliferation are the biggest issues we face. Cordova’s problems, by contrast, are not very significant. – Fred Weltz

The road. I think it can only help. There isn’t enough here with just one industry. They’ve got to have something besides fishing and dependence on the military. – Jane Moran

I think this road issue is still going to be with us. I’m really not sure what single issue there will be. So many things could happen. I personally don’t think the road is crucial. There are a lot of other things that need to be done. I think we need to boost up our marine highway service. – Dennis Bossie

The road. I’ve been half and half on that issue but tend to be leaning toward favoring its construction now. I think it’ll probably come to a head within five years and I think the road will win out. There’ll probably be some expansion and, hopefully, it’ll be for the better. – Ken Adams

Economics. I think the fishing industry is going to start moving to the other side of the Sound. Unless something is done to assist companies here in lowering their costs of moving the product out of town, I don’t think they’ll be able to compete. – Sharon Patchett

— From The Cordova Times archive, 1988