Letter to the Editor: Support the 2X2 CancerWalk

To the editor:

So many of us have been touched by cancer, whether it be ourselves or a family member or friend. Often, we don’t know about or don’t have funds readily available to get a mammogram or other cancer screening that might catch the disease sooner than later.

Cordova 2 X 2 CancerWalk was established in 2003 to help any Cordova resident needing financial assistance for either a cancer screening test or treatment of cancer already diagnosed. In 15 years, thanks to the community’s support, we’ve distributed $75,000 to over 150 individuals!

We’re gearing up for our annual 2×2 CancerWalk, held in conjunction with the Cordova Health Fair (April 21). With a lot of support from the Cordova Volunteer Fire Department, we’ve raised enough funds each year at this event to meet the assistance requests received throughout the year.

Our group is relatively small and we could really use some help from new folks willing to join our Board of Directors, or as a volunteer for the walk itself on April 21. The Board only meets two-three times each year and the workload is light when spread among many.

Please join us at our Annual Meeting on Monday, March 5, at 5 p.m. in the Education Room at the Cordova Center!

—Nancy Bird

President, Cordova 2×2 CancerWalk