Successful Applicants: 2018 Federal Subsistence Moose Permits for Unit 6C

With hunters out all over Alaska at the start of the moose-hunting season, this was one wise young moose who chose to show up on the Parks Highway south of Cantwell, in a state park area closed to hunting. After watching vehicles heading north to Fairbanks and south to Anchorage for a little while, the moose slipped back into the safety of the brush. (Photo by Margaret Bauman/The Cordova Times)

Bull Moose Permits


Allison, David L.

Anderson, Virginia F.

Borodkin, Jacob M.

Bullis, Ralph G.

Carlson, Ann M.

Carson, Steven H.

Chappell, Warren

Clark, Darlene M.

Cunningham, Robert M.

Dudley, Nora E.

Eckley, Robert R.

Esguerra, Marie J.J.S.

Fajardo, Malvin M.

Giron, Mariella

Goodrich, Ronald O.

Griffith, James L.

Hansen, Larry E.

Hanson, Cole M.

Haught, Peter G.

Hodges, Aniessa I.

Jackson, John M.

Jacob, Philip Andrie T.

Johnson, Tamara L.

Kennedy, Vivian L.

Klix, David W.

Mallory, Lynn W. Jr.

Mallory, John P.

Manley, James T.

Maxwell, Kristina K.

Mejias, Yarizta

Morella, Jennifer R.

Nelson, Seth N.

O’Toole, Kevin G.

Phillips, Lindsay A.

Scribner, Robert G.

Simpler, Ryan E.

Sorenson, Wyatt

Thorne, Gery Jr.

Urata, Gilbert L. DMD

Velasco, Reynaldo N.

Webber, Barbara E.

Whitcomb, Andrea J.

Wooden, Gene P.

Woods, Wesley E.F.

Zastrow, David A.


Antlerless Moose Permits



Acoba, Charlie B.

Adajar, Florelyn

Adelfio, Luca A.

Bell, William H. Jr.

Bruce, Randy M.

Carino, Mary C. G.

Casey, Mark G.

Eckley, Andrew K.

Ethier, Debra R.

Fisher, William T.

Gasmen, Celeste F.

Gasmen, Melchor T.

Godes, Toni J.

Guard, Jeffrey H.

Heidbrink, Mark S.

Higgins, Rusty W.

Jensen, Samantha M.

Jensen, Roderick L.

Johnson, Brooke C.

King, Mark J.

Ladd, Jackie L.

Lanning, Alan D.

Mitchell, Gary S.

Mullins, Clinton R.

Newirth, Mary A.

Newirth, Frederick J. IV

O’Toole, Makena M.

Phillips, Jeffery D.

Platt, Jason M.

Reindl, Kathleen A.

Scutt, Pamela S.

Sherman, Carl Dixon

Songer, Brent J.

Vu, Tyson

Williams, Katherine R.