What to read on summer vacation

Some thoughts on packing books for travel from Goodreads

Are you planning a trip out of Cordova soon for camping, cruising, maybe just finding the sun on a beach? How do you decided what books and how many books and what format to take them along in?

Trying to narrow down the selections can be a daunting task for the very avid reader.  Goodreads, a fabulous book blog, asked their followers on Facebook and Twitter how they chose reading materials for summer vacations.

Here’s a few of their comments:

  1. “I can never decide and thanks to my Kindle, I don’t have to,” says Ecem.
  2. “I like to take books I can leave behind — so your John Grisham or Michael Connelly. Maybe a book the person I’m visiting would like,” says Emily.
  3. “A book with a setting that’s in or around the destination. It gives amazing perspective to both the book and the place!” says Dina.
  4. “For a vacation, I usually lean towards something not too heavy. I remember relaxing on the terrace of a condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico while reading Pat Conroy’s Beach Music, sobbing. Great book, but not for vacation!” says Freddie.
  5. “I like to take light reads that I can put down easily. I also like to take a used book that I’m not worried about getting water or sand on or losing,” says Erin.
  6. “One book to challenge me, one fiction that won’t, one nonfiction that’s recently grabbed my attention, and one that’s been lying around 5-plus years waiting to be read. These can be combined, so it’s two to four vacation reads. Of course, Kindle lets me bring hundreds…,” says Steve.
  7. “I pack a briefcase with the two or three books that I’m currently reading … and I visit the closest bookstore when I get to wherever I am going,” says William.
  8. “Find authors local to where you are visiting. Read their books,” says Brad.
  9. “Audiobooks, because I love to walk along the beach and listen or just sit and watch the water,” says Devon.
  10. “The places I usually stay have lending shelves. I’ll usually bring a book for the shelf — either one I’ve recently finished or am about to. I stick to easy-to-read paperbacks for travel: thrillers, mysteries, or romance,” says Shannon.

And depending where you are travelling, thrift shops, public libraries and book stores can supplement your supply. Most importantly, KEEP READING!