Photo of the week: Recycled Art

Karen Hallquist's newest bottlecap art is on display at Cordova Gear. (Photo courtesy of Karen Hallquist/for The Cordova Times)

Karen Hallquist’s newest bottlecap art is on display at Cordova Gear as part of her Cap Art Project.

“Each cap was thoughtfully placed, then screwed onto a scrap piece of plywood over a long, rainy weekend,” she said. Hallquist began making bottle cap art in 2015/2016, just after the city stopped recycling.

“My level of disappointment was extremely heavy, so I decided to focus my attention on something positive that was within my control,” she said. “Sharing my love of alternative art with the children of Cordova has given me hope that someday Cordova will be a true recycling community again.”

Hallquist has Cap Art Murals housed at the Mt. Eccles Elementary School playground that the 2017 and 2018 second grade students have helped create.

“Thanks to the Copper River Watershed Project and AC grocery store, No. 1 and No. 2 plastics are being collected, baled and sent out of our community for recycling on a monthly basis with full-on volunteer efforts,” she added.

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