Commercial shrimp pot fishery closes

Commercial shrimp pot fishing in Prince William Sound has closed for the season, after achieving the guideline harvest level of 67,200 pounds for the first time since the fishery reopened in 2010.

Harvest reports available on Aug. 11 indicated that the guideline harvest level would be achieved by the time the Alaska Department of Fish and Game officially closed the fishery.

The season consisted of two fishing periods. The first one opened on April 15 and closed April 30. The second one opened on May 7and ended at 10 p.m. on Aug. 16.

ADF&G reminded harvesters that all bait and bait containers had to be removed from all shrimp pots and all doors secured fully open at the time of the closure.  Regulations allowed shrimp pots to be stored in saltwater for no more than seven days following the closure and all shrimp landed within 72 hours of the closure.