Letter: In support of Dunleavy

As an Alaskan born and raised in the village, I support Mike Dunleavy for governor.

Here’s why: Mike lived in rural Alaska for 19 years, married Rose Newlin from Noorvik, and together raised their three girls in the village. Why is this important to me? I believe you need to live it to fully understand it, and as I get to know Mike, I am confident he understands the importance of our subsistence life from a nutritional, economic, and cultural perspective.

Mike also understands the economic hardships we face in many parts of rural Alaska. With jobs in short supply and the cost of living often beyond our means, Mike understands firsthand how challenging life is in the village. Mike knows a cash economy is required to augment subsistence merely to survive in the village. Mike understands the importance of the PFD in rural Alaska and is the only governor candidate running on restoring a full PFD. He believes the PFD belongs to Alaskans, and voters must approve any changes.

Mike also understands that far more important than anything else, we must feel and be safe.  Four years ago, the current administration was handed the most robust Alaska State Trooper and Village Public Safety Officer programs in the history of the state. Today, the ASTs and VPSOs are at pre-2010 numbers, and we are experiencing the worst crime wave in the history of our state. This is not a budget issue; it’s a lack of leadership issue. Alaska needs new leadership — vote Mike Dunleavy for governor on Nov. 6.

– John Moller