Museum Memories

Talk about a rainy season! In October 1925 precipitation records came tumbling down and so did houses! On Oct. 12, 1925 the W.H. Liebe home slid onto Ocean Dock Road carrying the occupants, a Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and their lunch along with it.

A smaller cabin owned by James Dineen made the trip down the hill as well. Traffic was blocked for a time, but luckily the Petersons escaped with minor injuries and cuts. Every piece of furniture in the building was splintered and the loss was estimated at $3,000. The house was described as a ‘modern bungalow’ erected about 1921 by William A. Hesse.

The train to Chitina wasn’t able to leave on this day either, due to rainfall eroding about 35 feet of fill at the north end of the yard. All rainfall records were broken during this month with a total of 23.7 inches from Oct. 1 to Oct. 12.

And finally, sharp-eyed readers might spot the fountain continuing to function despite the commotion. It was the first fountain ever to be built in Cordova and was constructed by pioneer Oscar Ohman.

This rainy-day memory is courtesy of the Simone King photo collection from the Cordova Historical Society collection held in the Museum.