Flashback: School kids tell us all about iceworms

The Copper River Queens are a highlight at Iceworm, making pop-up appearances throughout the week. Who were the queens and king of 25 years ago? Can you name them all? Send your answers to share@thecordovatimes.com. (Photo from The Cordova Times archives)

The 1984 Iceworm Gazette staff ventured into the halls of Mt. Eccles Elementary School to find out the truth about iceworms.

Where do iceworms come from?

Iceworms come from…

… the North Pole. – Oma Gilmore

… ice. – Joel Adkins

… Anchorage. – Katie Schultz

… their mother iceworms that produce them. – Skip Songer


… the core of the earth – Linda Van Den Broek

… the Atlantic Ocean. – Stacey Graham

Why do we have an Iceworm Festival?

We have an Iceworm Festival…

… because we celebrate when someone saw an iceworm. – Shannon Mallory

… because that’s the day all the Iceworms get together – Jimmy Comparan

… because a long time ago everyone in Cordova had cabin fever so some city officials came together and tried to make something to do in the winter and made the Iceworm weekend – David Stephens

… because we are tired of school. – Robbie Carrol

… to celebrate being a little town. – Brian Stephens

… for all the iceworms that got stepped on last winter. – Mercy Frisbie

(Photo from The Cordova Times archives)

How do iceworms act?

Iceworms act…

… polite. – Gretchen Shellhorn

… like they’re frozen but they’re not, they’re really wiggley. – Ray Guerrero

… unconscious. – Stacey Bernard

… very athletic and cheerful. – Heidi Shellhorn

… very sensitive and they get their feelings hurt easily. – Janis Jack

… wormy. – Ardy Hanson

What do iceworms eat?

Iceworms eat…

… silt of the ice. – Ivy Stotts

… 1 ton of ice a day. – Chris Mallory

… other iceworms and for an occasional dessert they eat one man. – Michel Gentry

… iceaghetti and icesauce. – Jason Whetsell

… ice and carrots. They will NOT! Eat ANYTHING! Else. – Matt Callahan

FLASHBACK 35 years ago! The Cordova Times had their own basketball team and took the title of Iceworm champions. Jeff Hawley was in Cordova last week to help ref the 37th Annual Tipoff Tournament. Be sure to catch the Basketball Classic during Iceworm! (Photo from The Cordova Times archives)

What do iceworms do for fun?

For fun, iceworms…

… play tag for fun, I think. – Dea Church

… bite their tales. – Keivar MacDonald

… clean their legs. – Sara Gunderson

… dance. – Erin Thorne

… throw snowballs. – Clint Songer

… play kill ball. – Clayton Reid

How many legs do iceworms have?

Iceworms have…

… about 12 short legs – Misty James

… four legs on each side. – George Eleshansky

… ten legs when they’re babies and twenty when they’re adults. – Wade H. Goodridge

… no legs, I think. – Dea Church

… no legs and no arms. – Matt Callahan

… no legs and two arms. – Roxanne Stevens

How long do iceworms live?

Iceworms live…

… for two weeks and turn into an icerfly. – Kimberly Reid

… forever. – Tommy Bell

… as long as they want to. – Roderick Jensen

… two million years. – Cade Goodridge

… for about 1 year, but I am not an Iceworm specialist. – Paul Lovett

… to be 999. – Nicole Fulton

Two razor clams spotted in the 1994 Iceworm Parade. Can you Guess Who? Email your best guess to share@thecordovatimes.com. (Photo from The Cordova Times archives)