Little League registration open until April 29

Parent volunteers and coaches lined all the bases for a May 27 T-ball game, guiding the young players as they learn the ropes of America’s favorite pastime. (Photo by Cinthia Gibbens-Stimson/The Cordova Times)

Registration for the 2019 Cordova Little League will close Monday, April 29, with team assignments scheduled for May 3.

Games begin the week of May 20 with the season finale on June 29.

Register online at

Tee ball, for children ages 4-7, costs $45. Minor league baseball or softball, for children ages 7-10, major league, for children ages 10-12, and junior league, for children 13-15, cost $65.

There is a 25 percent family discount for three or more players.

For more information contact league president David Reggiani at 907-268-9023 or email