Avalanche season is over but still use caution

Avalanche season on the Copper River Highway is officially over, but the Alaska Avalanche Information Center is warning travelers to continue to use caution around cornices, glide cracks and steep unsupported slopes.

While there is no snow below 1,000 feet, nine inches of rain last week left the remaining snow well tested, said spokesman Steve “Hoots” Witsoe.

The Copper River Highway avalanche season will resume in December.

The highway begins at the Alaska Marine Highway ferry terminal in Cordova, and proceeds through central Cordova, intersecting several roads and passing residential and commercial buildings, passes Eyak Lake, and proceeds to the Merle K. (MudHole) Smith Airport, and on through areas of Chugach National Forest.

More avalanche information from around Alaska can be found at alaskasnow.org.