Senate measure would recognize International Year of the Salmon

Legislation introduced recently in the U.S. House would recognize 2019 as the International Year of the Salmon.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who introduced Senate Resolution 251, said her hope is that this resolution will foster discussion and collaboration that will help others more deeply appreciate the tremendous value of these fish – to understand that supporting salmon means supporting food security, marine ecosystems, Alaska Native culture, coastal communities and economies.

“Salmon indicate the health of rivers and oceans that people, fish and wildlife depend on,” she said. “Their migrations span national boundaries, and collaborating and sharing knowledge across borders is critical to sustaining salmon stocks.”

Co-sponsors were Senators Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska; Susan Collins, R-Maine; Angus King, I-Maine; Ron Wyden, D-Oregon; Jeff Merkley, D-Oregon.; Maria Cantwell, D-Washington; and Patty Murray, D-Washington.

A companion bill was introduced in the House on June 4 by Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

Murkowski’s Facebook page received dozens of comments regarding the introduction of the IYS measure within a day of when she posted a news release about her action, many of them urging her to take a stand against the proposed Pebble Mine.

Read them or add your own comment at,d,P-R&eid=ARDOMq1tnogoxlSS7V6Bp5rrB9rcNJCp2-ZfW6H_c2PCiDmYib-yVgjyDfQNhbyABk8V8ErTNHj9uGJm.