Alaska Wildlife Troopers: Study regs, then enter field

Photo courtesy Skitterphoto/Pexels
Photo courtesy Skitterphoto/Pexels

As hunting seasons open across many regions of Alaska for deer, moose and other big game species, Alaska Wildlife Troopers are urging everyone to familiarize themselves with regulations before setting out to hunt.

“We’ll be checking in with hunters and keeping an eye out for violations of all types,” said Wildlife Troopers Col. Doug Massie. “One thing I can’t emphasize enough: before heading into the field, make sure you’re intimately familiar with the hunting regulations that apply to the areas and game species you plan to hunt.”

Troopers are reminding hunters that calling or texting another hunter to share the location of an animal in the field is illegal and that drones may not be used for hunting.

Wildlife troopers will be checking to see that all hunters have hunting licenses, harvest tickets and permit tickets and that harvest tickets are duly punched after a harvest.

Wildlife troopers also are reminding hunters to salvage and remove all meat from the field before or while packing out the last load with horns or antlers.

Hunters who kill a big game animal, other than Dall sheep, where the bag limit is restricted to one sex must keep, until processed for human consumption, enough of the sex organs naturally attached to the rear quarter to show the sex of the animal.

Free copies of the Alaska State Hunting Regulations booklet are available at all Alaska Department of Fish and Game officers or from licensed vendors, and may be viewed online at