Fisheries board identifies proposed regulation changes

Alaska Board of Fisheries officials have added several topics to upcoming meetings in Seward and in Anchorage related to its notice of propose regulatory changes governing the state’s commercial, sport and subsistence fisheries.

For the Lower Cook Inlet finfish meeting slated for Dec. 10-13 in Seward, the board will discuss designating the Aleutian Islands subdistrict as an exclusive registration area for Pacific cod.

Also added to that agenda is a proposal extending emergency order authority to include restriction of stocked waters to catch and release in times of low hatchery production or if stocked waters become contaminated.

Several topics were also added to the statewide king and tanner crab and supplemental issues meeting March 8-11 in Anchorage, including on allowing two Bristol Bay drift gillnet permit holders to fish concurrently from the same vessel and jointly operate up to 200 fathoms of drift gillnet gear when the Naknek River Special Harvest Area is open.

During its 2019 work session in Anchorage, the board directed a number of changes and additions to its meeting schedule. The board also changed the dates of the Upper Cook Inlet finfish meeting to Feb. 7-19 in Anchorage, and the statewide finfish and supplemental issues meeting to March 8-11.

For a copy of the proposed regulation changes contact the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Board Support Section at (907) 465-4110 or