Federal grants aimed at improving public safety

Justice Department grants totaling over $49 million have been awarded to Alaska Native communities and tribal organizations to improve public safety and aid victims of violent crimes in rural communities.

The awards include $885,770 to Chugachmiut, which provides health and social services, education and training and technical assistance to the Chugach Native people.

The grants to Alaska communities and tribes were part of $273.4 million in grants awarded nationwide to American Indian and Alaska Native communities.

Alaska’s share of the funds awarded nationally included over $20 million in Coordinated Tribal Assistance Solicitation grants. In addition, over $22 million of set-aside funds for victims of crime was awarded to Alaska Native communities and tribal entities who will also have access to an additional $7 million in micro-grants through the Denali Commission to provide victim services, including technical assistance.

The complete list of CTAS awards is online at justice.gov/tribal/awards.

The CTAS funds help tribes develop and strengthen their response to crime, while expanding services to meet local public safety needs. Focus areas include public safety and community policing, justice systems planning, alcohol and substance abuse, corrections and correctional alternatives, children’s justice act partnerships, services for victims of crime, violence against women, juvenile justice, violent crime reduction, and tribal youth programs.