RavnAir increases trips to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor

RavnAir Group’s new flight schedule for Unalaska/Dutch Harbor through May 31 includes up to seven flights a day and up to 17 flights a week during the peak travel period associated with the fishing industry’s groundfish “A” season from Dec. 26 through Jan. 24.

An announcement issued by the carrier said the new schedule includes seats reserved on each flight for Unalaska residents for the “Home for Holiday” program during the busy “A” season.

RavnAir plans to continue flying DHC-8-100 aircraft to Unalaska/Dutch Harbor through May 31.

Because of the company’s focus on new Dash 8 service, a comprehensive review of Saab 200 operations into Dutch Harbor and the official NTSB accident investigation still underway, RavnAir does not yet have additional information on where PenAir will be able to resume Saab 2000 service to this market.

The National Transportation Safety Board released an investigative update on Nov. 15 into the PenAir flight 3296 accident at Tom Madsen Airport at Alaska, in which the airplane passed through the airport perimeter fence, crossed a road and came to rest on shoreline rocks.

There were 42 passengers and crew members on board, including the Cordova High School swim team. One passenger was fatally injured, and several other passengers sustained serious or minor injuries. The PenAir plane itself suffered substantial damage.