Letter to the Editor: A response to young Will Deaton

President Donald J. Trump. (Jan. 3, 2020) Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead/The White House
President Donald J. Trump. (Jan. 3, 2020) Photo courtesy of Shealah Craighead/The White House

This letter to the editor was submitted in response to a Dec. 27 letter to the editor by William Deaton.

As I so often hear these days, you are entitled to your opinion but not to your own facts. Case in point:

  1. Our forefathers were very sensitive about foreign interference in our elections. As such it is a federal crime to ask for or receive anything of value from a foreign state when it pertains to our elections (remember who said “Can you do me a favor and investigate the Bidens. Russia, if you’re listening, would you please release 30,000 Clinton emails. China should investigate the Biden’s also?”)
  2. Withholding Congressionally approved aid to Ukraine to exact an investigation of the Bidens is clearly an example of bribery and extortion. Our Constitution deems this impeachable.
  3. Obstruction of justice is a serious crime. Firing of the Director of the FBI “because of the Russian thing”, and the blanket refusal to obey Constitutionally mandated subpoenas for testimony and documents are clear examples of this.

So, when it comes to debating whether a president deserves to be impeached or not please use data and facts from this century. However, I do agree with you that “the American people are well aware of the corruption within Washington.” I am also sad to say that our current president is clearly a poster child of this very corruption you write about.

Mark S. Heidbrink

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