Partial VHF-FM restored for PWS

Coast Guard officials say VHF-FM communications have been restored within most of Prince William Sound, but western Prince William Sound, Wells Passage, Whittier and Passage Canal are still awaiting repairs.

The Coast Guard on Monday, Jan. 13 reminded those traveling in those areas still in need of repairs that the Coast Guard may not be able to hear mariners in these areas on VHR-FM radio, but that these outages do not effect mariners’ ability to hear other mariners on VHF-FM radio.

Mariners are advised to listen more carefully to channel 16 and relay any possible distress calls to the Coast Guard via other means, such as high frequency radio, satellite communications and cell phones.

Meanwhile the Coast Guard noted that it is experiencing intermittent outages throughout the state and urged mariners transiting Alaska waterways to remain vigilant and have several means of emergency communication, such as EPIRBs/PLBs, satellite messengers, cellphones when in range, satellite phones, high frequency radio communications on 4,125 kHz, 6,215 kHz, and 8,291 kHz and/or DSC-equipped radios registered with a Maritime Mobile Service Identity number and with GPS activated.