City: Leave faucets dripping to prevent freeze-ups

Four months after a water shortage had Cordovans skipping showers, the department of public works is advising residents to do the opposite. Leaving at least one tap in each residence dripping will help prevent pipes from freezing, said Samantha Greenwood, director of public works.

“It is kind of ironic that now we’re doing the exact opposite of what we were recommending just a few months ago,” Greenwood said.

It’s advisable to keep at least one cold-water tap dripping from now until temperatures rise above freezing, Greenwood said. Residents have already observed issues such as clothes washing machines flooding due to frozen drainage pipes.

Although some water sources have slowed down as they begin to freeze, Meals Reservoir is currently full, Greenwood said. Seasonal shutdowns of canneries have also helped maintain ample levels of usable water.