Peace, Love and Iceworm

Community celebrates 60 years

The parade Iceworm makes its way down Main Street to close out the Iceworm Parade in Cordova. (Feb. 2, 2019) Photo by Emily Mesner/The Cordova Times

It is the year 2020, and the Cordova Iceworm Festival is celebrating its 60th Iceworm Festival!

We want to start out with a big thank you to Alaska Airlines for their support and sponsorship. This year, Alaska Airlines donated a coupon code for air travel to all able to attend, as well as two roundtrip, first class air tickets as the first prize for the Treasure Chest Tickets. The second prize is a beautiful custom chest made by Don Scutt with Northstar Lumber, filled to the brim with amazing gift certificates and prizes from local vendors. I hear there’s an iPad Pro too, from CTC. Make sure to get a treasure chest ticket (or a whole book!) at Laura’s, or any board member at main events and the Iceworm store. You can also get a new 2020 pin.

Baby Iceworm is so excited to party like it’s the ’60s at this year’s “Peace, Love and Iceworm” themed festival.

Start your celebration this weekend at the Iceworm Food Fair on Saturday, Jan. 25, followed by (weather permitting) a hike down to Sheridan Glacier for an educational walk with the USFS (new event this year).

The Iceworm Paper Airplane Contest kicks off Sunday, Jan. 26. Keep your eyes peeled for visits and hugs from Baby Iceworm!

Keep the Iceworm spirit alive through the week, with Iceworm tail clues at 6 a.m. on KLAM, events at local businesses (The Powder House, Moose Lodge, Alaskan Bar and The Reluctant Fisherman), and fun for the whole family with the Cordova Ranger District and PWSSC led educational events at the USFS. Don’t forget to check out the Iceworm Basketball and Volleyball Tournaments with Bidarki and see everyone’s skills on the court.

As the work week winds down, Iceworm gears up! Visit the opening for the Iceworm Photo Show at the Cordova Museum on Thursday evening, and get ready for a groovy time at the Iceworm Variety Show on Friday, Jan. 31! Some things to look forward to are special guests, Sonny and Cher, a USCG award for the community of Cordova, the Beard contest (bring your biggest and best beards!), the Citizen of the Year award, and the crowning of Miss Iceworm 2020, along with entertainment from local talent.

The Iceworm week culminates on Saturday, Feb. 1, with a whole day of fun! Don’t miss the Iceworm Survival Suit Races, Iceworm Arts and Crafts Show, and Baby Iceworm’s favorite event, the Iceworm Parade! So fun to see everyone out on Main Street in their Iceworm best. Keep an eye on the schedule, as there are many more groovy events put on by local businesses and community members! Celebrate the grand finale of the week and watch the Iceworm Fireworks illuminate Cordova Harbor. A big thank you to Mike Bown of Lantis Fireworks for making the show happen, Jim with AML/Lynden for getting them here, and for our sponsors: Wilson Construction, Trident Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods and Copper River Seafoods for ensuring the show goes on.

Wishing all of Cordova “Peace, Love and Iceworm” this festival week!