Commentary: 10 reasons to become a substitute teacher

By Cathy Pegau
For The Cordova Times

We moved to Cordova in June 2007. In August, when I registered the kids for school, I was asked if I’d be interested in working as a substitute. I said sure, but thought little of it as we settled into our new home. Before long, I received a phone call. Could I start work at the school ASAP? Like, within the next two days?

Well, a quick trip to the superintendent’s office to fill out an application and to the trooper’s to have a background check later, I was on the sub list. Since then, I think I’ve been just about every teacher or paraprofessional in both schools at one time or another. Here’s why you should join the sub pool at CSD.

Top 10 reasons why being a substitute rocks:

10. You’re as excited about in-service days/snow days at the kids are. (No early morning phone calls! Woo hoo!)

9. You can arrange a work schedule around your time available.

8. Variety is the spice of life. Today kindergarten. Tomorrow home economics at the high school. Next week? Who knows!

7. Cordova teachers are super organized and leave detailed lesson plans. Makes the job easy and fun when you know what you’re supposed to be doing.

6. Fantastic teachers and staff who are always there to help you out.

5. Great students!

4. See who’s in your child’s daily life, from administration and teachers to fellow students. Even if you don’t have kids in school, it’s a great way to see what’s happening in today’s education system.

3. Learning something new.

2. Teaching someone something new.

1. The sense of community. You get to know kids, parents, school staff. Eventually, you feel like you know just about everyone, at least by sight. And it makes me smile to walk down the street and hear a little voice call out, “Hi Mrs. P.!”

No, a sub’s life isn’t predictable, but it’s never boring either. Why not give it a try?

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